BEGINNING Étiquette Presentation


 Learn the basic social skills to communicate effectively and conduct oneself in a professional manner in all social situations.  Étiquette history, formal introductions, Continental and American style dining principles, entertaining guidelines, dress attire selections, and other useful techniques are covered.

Tea Étiquette presentation


In this presentation, students will learn who is credited with the origination of this favorite pastime, the essentials of tea étiquette, and the history of tea dating back to the twentieth-eighth century BC.  Students will learn the proper way to serve tea and how to prepare, serve, and dine with savories, scones, and petits fours.

The Story of Tea Presentation


This presentation begins with the history of tea, and continues with how tea reached Europe and America.  It presents information on tea types, what is in tea, tea and health, tea blends, tea pairings, storing tea, brewing tea, serving tea, and some basic information on tea equipage.