About Ms. Bernadette M. Petrotta


Founder and Director

Ms. Bernadette Michelle Petrotta is an author and a small business owner.  She is married and has a son.  After receiving her degree, she spent thirty-two years in public service with the City of Los Angeles in an administrative capacity.  In her spare time, she researched the world of étiquette and eventually ammassed a library of materials including a collection of rare silver flatware and antique porcelain serving pieces. In 1996, she founded the Polite Society School of Étiquette with a mission to educate people of all ages in customary codes of conduct, dining principles, and basic social skills.  Polite Society School of Étiquette offers online courses, webinars, and tutelage at speaking engagements, school seminars, private dinners, and specialty tea events.

As a testament to Ms. Petrotta's dedication to étiquette, she was featured in Tea Time Magazine and Texas Tea & Travel Magazine.  Ms. Petrotta provided first-class étiquette training along with educational classes on tea and its rich history to the personnel at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle.  She also has been a highlighted speaker at the Annual Northwest Tea Festival, Annual Victoria Tea Festival, Annual Northwest Women's Show, and Designs for Dining Fundraiser.  She is listed in the business register of the International Tea Sipper's Society which reaches tea lovers worldwide.

Ms. Petrotta's entrepreneurial spirit, continuing education, and high-quality teaching principles qualify her to be a leading source in this rapidly expanding industry.

Ms. Petrotta has published four volumes in her Étiquette Series.

Volume I     The Art of the Social Graces

Volume II    The Art and Proper Étiquette of Afternoon Tea

Volume III    EMMA The Étiquette Cat:  Meet Emma

Volume IV    The Art of Timeless Étiquette, Graceful Dining Manners, & Afternoon Tea

Available in Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook formats at www.PoliteSocietySchool.com.